Friday, 21 April 2017

Japanese Kit-Kat's

I admit, I'm not a huge fan of Kit-Kat's. I mean, if I've been given them, i'll eat it, but if it was left to me, would I rather pick up a Kit-Kat than a Kinder Bueno? Probably not. Having said this, after watching Fleur DeForce's Japan Haul where she raved about the Matcha Green Tea flavour Kit-Kat, I was dying to try it! 

A little later after a quick Google search, I came across this company based in London where they stock all sorts of Japanese foods, drinks, utensils and most importantly - Kit-Kats. As it was my first time trying these out, I restricted myself to only a few and purchased four flavours - Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake, Amaou Strawberry, Kyoto Matcha Green Tea and Purple Sweet Potato. Each mini Kit-Kat was roughly £1.30 and shipping was an additional £3.45.  

These were SO cute and tiny - Smaller than my pinky finger!
Kyoto Matcha Green Tea - surrounded by white chocolate flavoured with matcha green tea straight from the Uji province in Kyoto, this Matcha Green Tea flavoured Kit-Kat had a much stronger Matcha flavour than I had expected but still sweet- Excellent for those who love their Matcha
Purple Sweet Potato- Supposed to be reminscient of the purple sweet potato that grows most famously in Okinawa, I found this flavour to be most disappointing. It tasted barely any different to a standard Kit-Kat covered in an overly sweet white chocolate.
Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake- This had a distinct 'cheesy' smell when removing the packaging but it surprisingly worked when you ate it - You first get the hint of the cream cheese from the Cream Cheese flavoured White Chocolate and then you get the sweet strawberry flavour from the sandwich filling
Amaou Strawberry- Flavoured with the intensely sweet, succulent Amaou strawberries that are grown in  Kyushu, this flavour had a stronger strawberry flavour than the previous one - albeit quite artificial

All in all, I enjoyed trying out the different flavours of Kit-Kat's as opposed to the standard one's you find in the UK but based on the size/price of these, I doubt I would re-purchase them as you get so little for what you pay for. For next time I'll be sure to try out some of the savoury items from the Japanese Centre. Have you tried any weird Kit-Kat flavours? Let me know! 


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