Saturday, 20 September 2014


After having Ladurée waiting to be crossed off my Bucket List for over a year, I can now finally say that I have been and boy was it worth it. So much so that I visited twice over the course of a week! The first time was in Harrods and the second was in Burlington Arcade.

As soon as you walk into the shop, a wall of pastel pink and green boxes lined perfectly with arrays of different macaron displays invite you. You look down and rows upon rows of different types of delicate fancy looking French pastries lay waiting to be chosen by you.

As this was my first time trying Ladurée , and having heard a load of rave reviews about the Ispahan -  A rose flavoured Macaron with rose petal cream with fresh Lychee and Raspberry, I decided to give this a go and it honestly tastes as good as it looks.

 I had never been a huge fan of rose in food but in here it works perfectly as the flavour is quite delicate and not too overpowering. The Raspberries also make a nice addition as the freshness cuts through the sweetness. 

Going along with the rose theme, I tried the 'Religieuse a la Rose' - a choux pastry filled with rose flavoured creme angalis and fresh raspberries. 

The other was a Plaisir Sucré .This was a Hazelnut meringue sandwich cake with crushed Piedmont hazelnuts, crusty praline, thin milk chocolate leaves, Chantilly cream and milk chocolate filling -  if you're a serious chocoholic you'll absolutely love this. 

Café Viennois ‘served with Chantilly cream’

Some other things we ordered but forgot to take a picture of - mainly because I couldn't wait to tuck in were the non - alcoholic 'Apple Mojito' which was fresh apple juice with mint leaves, wedges of lime and crushed ice. 

The other was a 'Club Champs-Elysées' - Toasts, dried tomato, aubergine, courgette, black olive, pine nuts, mixed salad, rocket salad, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, rosemary, basil, Served with Laduree’s chunky fries and green salad.

 Although I'm not one for Tomato in toast, this was surprisingly delicious and the Chunky fries which accompanied it were crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside - Perfect!


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