Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Studded in the middle of a busy high street, bustling with energy and huddles of people, is a small cute café called Brü which is situated in Leicester. The design of this shop is quirky yet retro, from the hanging lights held within Kilner jars, to the cassette tape leaflet holders - They seemed like real cassettes too.

This café specialises in Gelatos which come in a variety of some intriguing, and some familiar flavours. They also serve waffles, drinks such as teas, coffees, ice cold refreshers and savoury items such as paninis too, so a great all around place to stop over for lunch and a bit of dessert.

After around 15 minutes of entering this shop, me and my friend had finally decided what to choose to eat. She went for the 'Strawberry Delight' which was a Liege waffle with fresh Strawberries and a scoop of Strawberry Gelato.

I had heard mixed reviews about these waffles, so was intrigued about trying it and to be honest I think I prefer these! The outside is crispy and caramelised yet the inside is still soft and fluffy. The Gelato which accompanied it, had chunks of strawberries running through it which was really nice, if not a little too sweet for me but still yum.

'Strawberry Delight' £4.95

For me, I decided to try something new on the menu. An 'Affogato' - Italian for 'drowned', (how awkward would it be ordering that in English!) which is literally what my ice cream was by the espresso it came with. This usually comes with a scoop of Vanilla Gelato but as they had ran out, the barista recommended the Toffee flavour which was well balanced with the bitterness from the Espresso.

'Affogato' £3.95
Along with this, I wanted to try the Mango Gelato and also the Cinnamon Gelato. The Mango flavour was light and refreshing and my favourite from all the flavours I've tried so far. However, if you're an avid Cinnamon fan, you'll love the Cinnamon flavour which is speckled with Cinnamon, yet is still smooth on your tongue.

Mango and Cinnamon Gelato £2.95
All in all, this was a lovely café. The atmosphere was cosy and friendly. As the place was not very busy, customer service was quick yet efficient. However, in busier periods, they also offer seating upstairs which is a bonus, so I'll definitely be visiting again soon.


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